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(Unless Otherwise Noted All Articles & Lessons Are Written By Pastor Troy Sheppard)
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   Church Truth
Scriptural Church Organization
The Biblical Order
The High Value Of The Church
What You Miss By Missing Church
What Baptism Preaches
How Does Baptism Save?
The Local Church
Answers To A Baptismal Regenerationist

The Birth Of Jesus Christ Was On This Wise
Why I Do Not Celebrate Christmas 

    A Heart For Missions
    The Work Of A Witness 
    Practical Living

Why Came We Forth Out Of Egypt?   Andy Proctor 
    Depression And The Christian
The Right Of Remarriage Considered - Charles L. Church
Your Testimony - Elder Joseph M. Wilson

A Normal Christian
Be Of Good Cheer
Hindrances To Salvation
Why I Don't Want To Go To Hell
Why I Hate Sin But Love The Saviour
Why Sit We Here Until We Die?
     Are You Really A Christian? 
     The 'I Am A Good Person' Test!
     The 'I Prayed The Prayer Test'! 
     How Can I Be Saved And Be Sure?  
     The Plain Gospel! 
     Evidences Of The New Birth! 

    The Doctrines Of Grace
    Total Depravity
    Unconditional Election
    Limited Atonement
    Irresistable Grace
Preservation And Perseverance - Part 1
     Preservation And Perseverance - Part 2

       The Holy Scriptures
The Truth About The King James Version   

    The Work Of Christ
    Biblical Reason Why Jesus Arose From The Dead
    The Redemption That Is In Christ Jesus
    The Rent Veil
    The Voice Of The Blood Of Jesus

    Things To Come
    What's Wrong With Preterism?

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